Zman Scented Curly TailZ Soft Plastic Grub 4inch | 5pcs/pkt

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Great Action, long lasting


Zman Scented Curly TailZ 4inch | 5pcs/pkt



The Z-Man Scented Curly TailZ Soft Plastic Grub are 4 inch scented soft jerkbaits with ribbon tails (effectively making them a deep-bellied curl tail grub). This profile is built to perform in an extremely versatile and effective manner on all coasts for flounder/fluke, sea trout, redfish, and more. They exhibit a predator-attracting action, potent scenting, and durable construction that anglers will appreciate. Scented Curly TailZ deliver a deadly fluttering movement that displaces plenty of water and grabs the attention of any nearby fish. Made with ElaZtech plastics which differs from other soft plastics in its life-like action, natural buoyancy and unmatched durability, that means you're likely to catch a lot more fish on ElaZtech before having to replace them. Available in 5 baits per pack.



  • Can be rigged on Jigheads or on weighted weedless hooks thanks to belly slot.

  • Scented with 100% natural Pro Cure bait-fish scent.

  • Pot-bellied bait-fish profile and thin curly tail make this an incredibly versatile bait-fish imitation.

  • Super-Strong ElaZtech baitz are 10X more durable than ordinary soft plastic.
  • ElaZtech baitz are naturally buoyant and will float when rigged unweighted.
  • The flexibility of ElaZtech assures life like action that mimics natural bait.
  • ElaZtech is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phthalates.