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Despite the proliferation of lures for every circumstance, particularly trolling for mega fish, the live baitfish or dead fish baits are still as popular as ever for all our favorite pelagics. While rigging or ‘baiting-up’ for this style of fishing is highly demanding, the process is made quicker and easier if you use quality tools.

The Surecatch live bait needle is ideally suited for tying bridle rigs. The bridle rig is preferred offshore for a number of reasons. Firstly, trolling a baitfish for maximum performance requires rigging the fish to swim forwards as naturally as possible; The bridle rig delivers.

Secondly, the bridle rig is well suited for running ’J’ and circle hooks, with the latter becoming the hook of choice for so many offshore flesh bait applications and game fishing tournaments.

A strong and reliable rig can be the difference between tagging your target and not getting a touch. Using the right tools, and attention to detail, can make the difference between achieving a reliable rig and a second-rate bait-up.

While tying a reliable rig and achieving peak action from our bait are the goals, we also want to be able to complete our rigs quickly. A bait that’s not in the water will never catch a fish.

Surecatch Bait needles come in a packet of 5. They’re 1mm thick and 130mm long. The eyes are easy to thread without being so big as to compromise the rig by putting big holes in your bait. The live bait needle is an essential kit for the pro angler and blue water regular. Grab a pack so you’re never without a sharp one.


  • 5 x 180mm Bait Needles per Pack
  • 180mm / 7 inches Long
  • 0.7mm Diameter


  • Ideal for bridle rigging small to medium-sized baits.
  • Perfect for rigging Slimy, Yakka, Skipjacks, Big Squid, and other baitfish.
  • Generous pack size delivers value for money.
  • Small diameter and small eyes deliver a more secure rig due to the smaller holes in your bait.

Surecatch bait needles should be your first choice for rigging live and dead fish baits. The handy five-pack and thoughtful needle design ensure value for money and reliable performance. Grab a bunch of packs so you’re never caught without a Surecatch live bait needle.

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