Storm Hit Shad | Size: 10cm | 12g | 4pcs

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Color: Charteruse
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The Storm Hit Shad was developed especially for the special needs of predator anglers. For perch, zander, and asp fishing, the lure covers all conceivable situations, but also for pike anglers with finer tackle, the soft bait is a perfect addition to the tackle box.

The extra soft rubber compound makes the lure work and vibrate seductively with the very slightest movement. The Hit Shad with the slightly higher body profile develops its characteristic, slightly slower "rolling action" when retrieved, combined with the strongly vibrating paddle tail. The frequency and action of the Shad Tail can also be adjusted by removing the keel on the bottom. Simply cut it off and the movements become even more sweeping.

For easier rigging, the Hit Shad is equipped with belly and back slots so the hook can be perfectly rigged in seconds.


  • Target fish: perch, zander, asp
  • Extra soft rubber compound
  • Belly and back slit for easy rigging
  • Works with the slightest movement
  • Available in many different colors
  • Tail action can be adjusted by removing the keel
  • Size: 10 cm - recommended hook size: 3/0-4/0
  • Content: 4 pcs.


    Model No. HITS04
    Length 10cm
    Weight 12g
    Qty 4

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