Storm Arashi Tiger 10 Hard lure 10cm/23g, 1pcs/pkt

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Good and quality products with a great service

Nice lure

Nice shiny redhead white lure with 3meter diving 💋


Model Number Length Weight  Quantity/pack Depth Buoyancy
ATG 10
10cm 23g 1 10 feet/3.0m Floating
ATG 10#739 10cm 23g 1 10 feet/3.0m Floating


The Arashi Tiger is built for the biggest fish in our rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Built with a full wired internal construction, the Arashi Tiger won't ever let you down. Fitted with the trademark Storm Arashi self-tuning line tie, the Arashi Tiger will swim straight and true from your first cast until your last.

Fitted with VMC 3X Permasteel trebles and rings, the Arashi Tiger is kitted out in heavy duty terminals straight out of the box. Its circuit board lip will dive the Arashi Tiger to depths of 10ft and produce a delectable body roll and swimming action. Measuring in at 100mm the Arashi Tiger is the perfect size for fish like mangrove jack, barramundi, Murray cod, black bass, spot tail bass or any other hard fighting, lure crunching predator around the world.



    • Circuit board lip for responsive action and fast dive
    • Internal metal plate system dramatically strengthens structural integrity
    • Self-tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight
    • Great body roll and wide swimming action
    • Internal metal plate
    • Multi-ball rattle for loud, variable pitch
    • Premium VMC 3X Permasteel hooks
    • Rotated hook hangers improve hook presentation
    • Wide wobbling action, yet stable at fast retrieves