Mepps Aglia Long | 1.5g-29g

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Color: Gold
Hook Size: #4
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Mepps Aglia Long | 1.5g-29g


All Mepps Aglia Longs are deep running spinners with willow leaf blades. The blade "hugs" the body of the spinner during retrieve, allowing it to stay in deep pockets long enough to attract a wide variety of fish.

Lure size is important. Keep in mind plain spinners present a smaller profile than dressed spinners, so they will appear smaller to the fish. This makes them perfect for panfish and small stream trout.

A #00 Aglia Long is an Ultra Lite spinner. It weighs only 1/18 oz. A #4 Aglia Long, by contrast weighs 1/2 oz. The Mepps Aglia Long, in all styles, like the Mepps Aglia, is extremely popular with fishermen world-wide because it will catch just about any freshwater fish and many species of saltwater fish.

Plain Aglia Longs in size #1 are perfect for larger stream trout. Size #1, #2, & #3 plain Aglia Longs are excellent for smallmouth bass and walleye. Plain Aglia Longs in sizes #3 and #4 are ideal for large rainbow trout and steelhead, as well as coho (silver) and chinook (king) salmon.


Hook Size
#00 1.5g
#0 2.5g
#1 4.5g
#4 17g
#5 29g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Razween Does Fishing
Amazing Spinner

This is a must have lure in anyone's tackle box, especially the smallest sizes. Caught few fishes with this cute spinner lure.

Real Monsters
Awesome result

Best lure for ultra light fishing...👌 Getting good size minnows...👍

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