Mega Frox Tree Frog Jr. 4cm | 6.5g | 1pcs/pck

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Mega Frox Tree Frog Jr. 4cm | 6.5g | 1pcs/pck


MegaFrox lures are inspired and designed based on the actual species. Each lure is 100% handcrafted and painted by our skilled artists. Where no one lure will ever be identical to one another.

A tough & non-toxic resin-based lure body combined with internal rattling, a strong stainless steel through-wire, also equipped with an extremely sharp hook and weed guard makes every single lure a perfect fish-catching tool.


As the name implies, these frogs are typically found in very tall trees or other high-growing vegetation. They do not normally descend to the ground, except to mate and spawn, though some build foam nests on leaves and rarely leave the trees at all as adults.

Many tree frogs can change their color for better camouflage. For instance, the gray tree frog can change its color from green to gray.

Tree frogs bodies are relatively tiny and both its finger and toe tips are designed to graps on trees.

MegaFrox Tree Frog Jr. Lures are exactly designed to the real-life tree frog species that you see find in the wild.

Tree Frog Jr lures are made to match its real-life sizes and therefore tree frog lures are perfect lures for fishing predatory fishes that are commonly found hanging around the overhead tree branches near the water surface and waiting for the opportunity that one prey will fallen into the water or hanging out too near to the water surface. With weed-guard, tree frog lures can easily imitate that actions and catch those fishes that you would never think its possible before.

Recommended Action:

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady retrieves with pause.

- Twitch with pause.

Product Features: Vividly Hand-Painted, Super Sharp Hooks, Internal rattling chamber, Premium strong double hook, High quality skirts and an Adjustable weed guard.

Product Weight: 6.5g/0.23oz (Because each lure is Handmade and Hand-Painted, appearance and weights may vary slightly from lure to lure.)

Product Length: 4cm/40mm

Hook Size: 1

Weight with packaging: 20.5g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sebin Babu

Very happy with the delivery. Yet not gone for fishing.


Very good..

Sajeesh M p

Mega Frox Tree Frog Jr. 4cm | 6.5g | 1pcs/pck

Nikhil Tg

Good product

Muneer Kayithirikkal

No catching this lur low weight

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