LuresFactory MEGAFROX Prodigy BuzzBait Mark2 Spinner 30g | 13cm | size 5/0 | 1pcs/pkt

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Lure Factory MEGAFROX Prodigy BuzzBait Mark2 Spinner 30g | 13cm | size 5/0 | 1pcs/pkt


Through years of experiences, Lures Factory has evolved and positioned itself as one of the pioneer and respected Thailand- based company in producing life-like fishing lures and accessories. Backed by rock-solid fishing lures design team, experienced hand crafters and talented artists, Lures Factory is aiming to bring you the best of life-like fishing lures which is beautiful in looks and action. 


Prodigy Buzzbait Mark II is another type of lure having a first version of design which is specially molded and propagated for you, this second version works more better than first version because it has a specification in which the wire is bigger and the weight is heavier than the first version. The performance from the deep is better because it goes up faster, it works very well even if there are some interruptions while fishing like the small tree branches, lilies, and other water plants and for sure the giant snake head fish will be caught in this lure.




Weight Length



13 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Siddharth Sasidharan
A decent lure with a few issues

It is a good lure with amazing action. Strong hooks, And it comes up to the surface very fast.
An issues I faced with this lure is that it's a bit difficult to cast long distance if there is a strong wind.
Other than that it's amazing. Since the propellers make a beautiful sound the fish go crazy 😍

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