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Color: Clear Hade EBI
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 The "Riser Bait 006", whose main target is sea bass, sea bass from the shore, and small migratory fish, has a more compact body design

Although it is a 65mm compact body, it weighs 16g. Achieves outstanding flight distance compared to hardbait of the same class.
It is possible to explore breaks and shimoris far away, and the surface layer in the range that the predecessor has not been able to explore.

The "riser lip" is not a lip for diving like a minnow, but a heavy body for flying distance that suddenly rises to the surface of the water.
Even if you cast a long distance, it will immediately rise to the surface of the water, and you can create an action that makes a small fish escape from the surface layer steady reeling it.


With action and rattle with outstanding fish collecting effect
A strong wobble and roll action that creates a bait fish that is chased by the surface of the water and runs away. Even in the absence of boil, it attracts fish from a wide range. It also has a built-in brass rattle ball. It appeals not only in action but also in sound.

Snap recommended
In order to get 100% performance of the lure, please use snap to connect the lure.Recommended snap size is # 1


Size Hook Size  Weight
#8 16g

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