Jackall Mute Ball Pencil 38F | 38mm | 2.7g

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Color: Ami Ball Glow Crush
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There are rockfish that dislike the sound of landing.
The mute ball was born to capture such rockfish.
The yellowtail body, which is a combination of plastic and soft materials, softens the sound

The pencil type, which invites you to float fluffy while making slight ripples on the surface of the water, is especially suitable for preying on plankton.

Two-layer structure of soft and hard
The core part adopts a special structure in which a general hardbait material and a soft body made of softbait material are arranged to wrap it.

 With spare body
Includes one spare soft body. It can be replaced when it is damaged.

Equipped with drain holes
Equipped with a drain hole at the rear end of the soft body. Water is automatically discharged by centrifugal force during casting.


Length  Weight  Type  Hook 
38mm 2.7g Floating  #10

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