Jackall Gavacho Frog Lure | 69mm | 16g

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Color: Chart Strike Gill
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Popper frog seeking a sense of life and appeal

GAVACHO FROG wanted was a fusion of life and appeal. Bait fish that escape at one time, and insects that struggle at the surface of the water at another time. A high-dimensional fusion of various elements that the bass reacts to

Size selection of the right person in the right place

The lineup includes GAVACHO FROG, which has established itself as a "fishing" frog with ease of use and appeal, and SPIN GAVACHO, a downsizing model that is more specialized for eating. It covers everything from heavy cover power fishing to power finesse games that are

Equipped with silicon skirt

Adopted a three-pronged setting that puts out a silicon skirt that has a strong appeal and suppresses unnecessary movement distance from three directions. It acts as a brake to suppress the swaying appeal and movement distance during action and stop.

Body design and hook shape pursuing hooking up mechanism

The original hook with fluorine processing contributes to the initial hooking up during hooking and the improvement of penetration performance. In addition, the hook is housed in a three-dimensional body shape, achieving a perfect balance between snaggless and hooking up rate.

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