Decoy Y-S81 Treble Hook | #8-#1/0

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A strong treble for salt plugging games with a straight point that hooks up quickly, a gap shape that holds securely, and a slightly heavy wire. Although it is set a little heavy, the balance is light and the power is perfect for hooking. It is a treble hook that demonstrates its potential in the style of hanging from here, such as hooking from continuous short twitches, popping and hooking at bite.
  • Designed exclusively for salt plugging, perfect for aggressive hanging styles!
  • Long taper and Limerick bent form that can be quickly and reliably inserted even with a light force, and can be hung and held.
  • Long throat and low angle barb to ensure penetration and prevent barre.
  • Uses a smart eye that is easy to set on the split ring and suppresses deterioration of the strength of the ring.
  • Scrutinize brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness, adopting "Solid System" that draws out the performance of each hook.
  • Vertical specifications that support all lures and achieve smooth hooking.
  • Rust-resistant high corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment are used.


    Size Strength Quantity/pk
    #8 0.43g 6
    #6 0.60g 6
    #4 0.98g 6
    #2 1.5g 6
    #1 1.9g 5
    #1/0 2.7g 4

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Nandu Js


    Super good quality

    Sharp and powerful hooks having light weight, helps to increase lure’s action.
    The lure I used is DUO pencil popper 110 powered with decoy size 4 hooks.

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