Carp King Bait Factory Popup Rig for Bottom Feeder (10pcs/pkt)

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Title: Carp King Bait Factory Rig
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Carp King Bait Factory Rig:

Thinking of going on a carp fish hunt!! Introducing the new Carp King Bait Factory Popup Rig. You can use these popup rigs to catch carp fishes. Not one fish, but many!! So get ready to catch a lot of fishes with these popup rigs. 

Dragon Rig:

The new "dragon rig" with added rig sleeve for the rig to fit properly and to clean hookup easily in the mouth evaluations parts.

Dragon Rohu Rig:

Introducing the specially crafted Rohu Dragon Rig. Consisting of a tiny curved shank size 4 hook, it helps with an easy and clean hook up making it a must have for Rohu Fishing!

10 pieces per pack.

Color is as per the availability.

Customer Reviews

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Good pop ups.

It was a good experience with the new pop up from carp king. Just a small problem that I had to deal was with the braided line used to tie the hooks, it broke after two strong bite from a massive catla. I am satisfied with its pricing and good delivery as always.

Tilapia fishes are doing damage of the braided line because they have open teeth. Carps never brake this line even it's 100 kg.

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