Scum Frog

Scrum Frog has been manufacturing quality, heart-stopping top-water bass lures for over 25 years. They are the makers of popular products such as Scum Frog, Scum Frog Popper, Scumdog Walker, Trophy Series, Trophy Series Popper, Bigfoot, Little Bigfoot, Bassrat, Scum Frog Junior, Thundertoad, Tiny Toad, Tiny Toad Popper, Frog Legs Trailers and Night Image. Made in USA now available in India at Cabral Outdoors

Scum Frog Launch Series | 20g | 1pcs/pkt | 7cm
Rs. 900
Scum Frog Trophy Series | 15g | 1pcs/pkt
Rs. 700
Scum Frog | 10 g | 1pcs/pkt
Rs. 450
Scum Frog Scum Dog Big Dog | 14g | 1pcs/pkt | 7cm
Rs. 700