Newest Products

Zman SCENTED PADDLERZ™ 5inch | 5pcs/pkt
Rs. 494.00
Pioneer Mirage Plus 8ft Spinning Rod
Rs. 1,690.00
Pioneer Fire E-Glass 8ft and 9ft Spinning Rod
From Rs. 990.00 - Rs. 1,250.00
DAIWA J-BRAID Grand X8 Dark Green 135M | 0.41mm | 65lb | 150yd
Rs. 1,100.00
Shimano Exage Shore Cast 8 and 9 ft Spinning Rod
From Rs. 9,707.00 - Rs. 11,033.00
Daiwa Emblem Pro 10'0" Spinning Rod
Rs. 8,624.00
Abu Garcia Gambit Tactical Performer Pawn Star 6 ft Fishing Rod
Rs. 4,050.00
Shimano Alivio 6000FA Spinning Reels
Rs. 3,656.00
Rs. 3,900.00
Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod 6 and 7ft
From Rs. 3,419.00 - Rs. 4,151.00
Shakespeare Micro Series 5 & 7 ft Spinning rod
From Rs. 1,750.00 - Rs. 2,100.00
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite 6 ft Spinning Rod
Rs. 3,400.00
Penn Mariner ii 6 feet Rod Single pcs
Rs. 3,300.00
Shimano Alivio DX 8ft Spinning Rod
From Rs. 3,137.00 - Rs. 4,106.00
Shimano Scimitar 7ft Spinning
Rs. 4,200.00
Daiwa Strikeforce Reel Drag Adjustment Knob 1/pck
Rs. 250.00
3 Layer big fishing tackle box
Rs. 1,350.00
Daiwa Sweepfire reel Drag Adjustment Knob 1/pck
Rs. 280.00
TT Lures ChinlockZ SWS Hook
Rs. 770.00
Pioneer Eva Power Float 1/pck
Rs. 120.00
Zman Scented Curly TailZ Soft Plastic Grub 4inch | 5pcs/pkt
Rs. 497.00
Halco Barra Sparkler 4" (100mm) Spoon
Rs. 410.00
Halco Barra Sparkler 3" (76mm) Spoon
Rs. 3,600.00
Halco Barra Sparkler 5" (127mm) Spoon
Rs. 495.00
Penn Bayonet 8ft Spinning Rod
Rs. 3,500.00
Daiwa Phantom Snapper 8th Spinning Rod
Rs. 3,845.00
Pioneer Adrift Type B 8ft Spinning Rod
Rs. 2,875.00
Shimano Stradic C5000XG Spinning Reels
Rs. 16,436.00
Pioneer Karman S Hi-Speed KRS-4000HS-P Spinning Reel
Rs. 2,150.00
Pioneer Blackberry ii BB-4000ii Spinning Reel
Rs. 1,350.00
DAM Quick Fighter Pro Metal 340 FD Fishing Reel
Rs. 1,350.00
DAM Quick Impulse 450 FD Fishing Reel with Free storm Lure
Rs. 2,284.00
Zman NedlockZ Heavy Duty Ned Rig Jighead 5 per pack, size 1/5
Rs. 640.00
Daiwa BG Magsealed 4500 Spinning Reel
Rs. 9,610.00
Daiwa CC80HL Baitcasting Reel
Rs. 5,065.00
Daiwa Legalis LT 4000D-CXH Spinning Reel
Rs. 5,185.00
Daiwa Revros LT 4000CXH
Rs. 3,645.00
Pioneer Red and White Power Float 12pcs/box
Rs. 190.00
Berkley River Monster 8" "The Beast Slayer" Custom Professional Spinning Rod
Rs. 4,980.00
Mitchell Fluid Spinning Rod 8ft - 10ft Fuji Guide
From Rs. 3,660.00 - Rs. 4,450.00
Noeby Infinite Carbon line 22LB 150M
Rs. 890.00
Rs. 1,100.00