Mega Frox

MegaFrox Premium Fishing Lures are designed based on inspiration from actual species found in nature, these fishing lures have proven to be a reliable and extremely durable fish catching tool against some of the worlds largest and toughest fish.
Each lure design is crafted by skilled creator for unmatched details and molded by hand for quality, then carefully hand-painted by highly trained artists, where no one lure will ever be identical to one another. 
These premium quality fishing lures are made with a durable non-toxic resin-based body, high-quality non-toxic paint that is tough against chips and nicks, strong stainless steel through-wires, and super-sharp hooks. With MegaFrox Premium fishing lures, you can rest assured that you get your money's worth.
Mega Frox Jumbo Frog 6.5cm | 17.5g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox Tree Frog Jr. 4cm | 6.5g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 620.00
Mega Frox Leopard Frog 5cm | 13g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox New Pioson Frog 5cm | 11.5g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox Fire Rep 5.5cm | 22g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox New Mash Frog 5cm | 16g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox Smooth Frog 4.5cm | 9g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 615.00
Mega Frox Big Bob 75mm | 26g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 840.00
Mega Frox Gaint Toad 6cm | 20g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 780.00
Mega Frox Liza Green 7.5cm | 16g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 1,020.00
Mega Frox Mamba Prop 60mm | 15.5g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 840.00
Mega Frox Sushi 10cm | 21g | 1pcs/pck
Rs. 1,350.00