At Hogy Lure Company, we aim to lead the industry in technique-specific products with a focus on product durability and performance with large fish.

We evaluate each existing product every year for improvements. We exhaustively test each new product we bring to market. We rely on our customers, pro staff and our own experience to improve and innovate. Quality is our obsession; we never compromise for price anywhere along the chain.

Hogy 3/4 OZ (2 Inch) HEAVY MINNOW JIG (21g)
Rs. 700.00
Hogy 1 1/4OZ (4INCH) THE EPOXY JIG™ LURE (35g)
From Rs. 890.00 - Rs. 950.00
Hogy 1/2 OZ (1.5 Inch) HEAVY MINNOW JIG (14g)
Rs. 650.00
Hogy 1 1/4 OZ (3 Inch) HEAVY MINNOW JIG (35g)
Rs. 770.00
Hogy 7/8 OZ (3.5 INCH) THE EPOXY JIG™ LURE (24 g)
From Rs. 830.00 - Rs. 890.00
Hogy 5/8OZ (3INCH) THE EPOXY JIG™ LURE (17g)
Rs. 770.00