ZMAN Leap Frog Popping frog 2.75inch | 15g | 1pcs/pck

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ZMAN Leap Frog Popping frog 2.75inch | 15g | 1pcs/pck

In the "bass-eats-whatever-it-wants-to" world, it’s tough to be a frog. Even tougher, perhaps, for a new artificial amphibian, freshly metamorphosized and minted by the bass bait artists at Z-Man Fishing. Hatched with a hollow, super collapsible vinyl body, the Z-Man Leap FrogZ puts itself in immediate danger every time it slaps the water’s surface.


The incredibly lifelike Z-Man® Leap Frogz™ Popping Frog features a realistic supersoft hollow body that collapses for solid hooksets when bass inevitably blow up all over this bait! A deep V body is perfect for creating a side-to-side walking action, while a cupped face delivers tons of popping, spitting, and gurgling to bring big bass out of their hiding place! Custom double hooks are set at an optimal angle for setting the hook. A sealed nose and drain hole at the back allows this topwater bait shed water so it stays afloat. The Z-Man Leap Frogz Popping Frog boasts a quality paint job, 3D eyes, and silicone skirt legs to deliver lifelike attraction. 


Product Features:

  • Available in 2.25" and 2.75" sizes
  • Super soft hollow body collapses easily for high hookup ratio
  • Deep-vee body design for easy side-to-side walking action
  • Aggressive cupped face for intense popping, spitting, gurgling, and chugging
  • Custom, heavy duty double hook angled for easy hooksets
  • Sealed nose and rear drain hole to keep water out and frogs floating
  • Durable paint job, 3D eyes, and silicone skirt legs for maximum attraction

Product Length: 6.99cm/69.9mm

Hook Size: 3/0

Weight : 15g


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

3.5 kg easy catch

Dinesh Singh

This is amazing product with amazing hooks setup

Amazing product

i saw this product by this fishing video. i love this product.

Aman A levine
Amazing Product

This is a great product feels good and premium quality rubber shad. Can't wait to try it out post lockdown.

You can have a look of it on my channel : Coral Zale

Murugavel Mv
Frog popping

Nice product superb

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