EK Archery Cobra System R9 Crossbow Rifle Black


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EK Archery Cobra System R9 Crossbow Rifle Black

This crossbow from EK Archery combines the best aspects of both a pistol and a traditional recurve crossbow to make the R9 Cobra one of the most versatile crossbows on the market today.

This kit comes complete with 6 x 7.5" Carbon Bolts, String Wax and Goggles.

This fast handling carbine style crossbow will produce muzzle velocities of around 240 fps with 7.5" carbon bolts, almost double the kinetic energy of traditional pistol crossbows.

A fast handling shooter this carbine crossbow is hand cocked using an integrated lever. The Cobra R9's 8-inch power stroke blasts a proprietary 130 grain 7.5" carbon bolt to a velocity of 240fps, nearly double the kinetic energy of traditional pistol crossbow bolts. The 90lb limbs of the Cobra are easily removed and reinstalled allowing the crossbows to be carried and stored. This ease of disassembly also complies with law requirements that crossbows must be rendered "non-functional" during transportation.

The Cobra also features an AR style sliding stock that enables the crossbow to be comfortable for shooters of all sizes. The Cobra is fitted with a multitude of accessory rails that is perfect for sights lasers or other attachments.


1. STOCK: Easy Adjustable Tactical Stock.

2. SLING MOUNT: Quick Detachable Sling Shoulder Mount.

3. Robust Safety Mechanism: Patented Trigger Design.

4. STRING: Durable String.

5. LIMBS: Durable Compression Fiberglass.

6. Picatinny Rail: Allows A Variety Of Accessories To Be Added.

7. FOREGRIP: Ergonomically Textured Grip.


Speed: 240fps

Draw Weight: 90lbs

Power  Stroke: 7.5"

Mass Weight  (Bow Only): 4.4lbs

Length: 21.5"


1. 6*7.5" Carbon  Bolts
2. String Wax
3. Goggles

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