Tackle Points

At Cabral Outdoors, we appreciate our customers and want to show our gratitude. That's why we've created Tackle Points, our exclusive rewards program. With Tackle Points, our customers can earn and redeem rewards for their purchases, making their fishing trips more enjoyable.

You automatically become a member of Tackle Points rewards program as soon as you sign up on www.cabraloutdoors.com

You can create an account from the Login page.

We would love to celebrate your birthday, so please enter your date of birth on your profile page , we'll credit your account with 100 Points which will be added to your points wallet.

With every order you place, we credit 1 point for every rupee spent (excluding charges). These points are credited to your account only when the order is delivered.

By login into our Tackle Points rewards program.

By login into our Tackle Points rewards program, you can check your accumulated points.

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