Fishing Reels under Rs.1500

Thinking of taking up fishing for the first time? You did all of your research, yet you can't choose a reel that will suit your rod without making a hole in your pocket? Don't worry we got you covered. 

Whether you are a newbie or a pro angler, choosing a fishing reel can be overwhelming and confusing. And if you are a budget friendly angler, you will want to find a reliable reel that is both tough as well as does not cost you much.

In this post we present you a list of fishing reels under 1.5K that you see on our website and who knows maybe you'll find your favourite reel here.

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Well then let’s dive right into it.


1:Shimano Hyperloop 2500FB-4000FB Spinning Reel:

The Shimano Hyperloop is a great lightweight spinning reel for anglers on a budget. For a company with a history as rich as Shimano, this Hyperloop model is a big deal among entry level fishing reels. This may be due to its various features like Varispeed and Dyna Balance which reduces tangle and keeps the reel wobble free when winding. This reel is perfect to catch some breams, whiting, and flatheads on beaches or rivers. The Hyperloop FB is ideal for beginners of all ages and is available in sizes like 2500, 4000 and 6000.

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  • Line lay properly without causing any line knots.
  • Reduces wobbling during winding.


  • Not ideal for heavy style fishing.

2: Pioneer Fire FR-4000 and FR-5000 Spinning reel

The Pioneer Fire FR series reel combines the benefit of high quality material with some outstanding features like a micro sensitive multi disc drag system that provide you a smoothness and strength that you have never felt before, machine cut brass pinion gear, 2 precision ball bearing and a graphite spool. With a max. drag of 4kgs, this reel a beacon of versatility and simplicity. You will find that this reel is ideal for small trout streams but can also handle light inshore fishing for spotted sea trout or flounder.

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  • Thanks to the micro sensitive multi disc drag system, the reel is very strong and sturdy.
  • No Corrosion.


  • No anti reverse switch.

  • 3:Daiwa STRIKEFORCE 4000-B SD Spinning Reels:

    If you are looking for an affordable, quality reel that will get the job done without making a hole in your pocket, then Daiwa Strikeforce 4000-B SD should be on your shortlist. This reel from Daiwa has a good looking new body design, with an advanced Ballistic System Aluminum Spool and digital gear. The new huge spool helps line flow freely in large coils and produces less line memory coil, ultimately resulting in a problem free fishing session.

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    • Large spool for better control of live bait.
    • The reel comes with a folding handle for compact storage.
    • 2500 as well as the 4000 series has only 1 ball bearing.

    4: Pioneer Flash XA FL-4000 Spinning Reel:

    The materials and construction techniques used to produce the Pioneer Flash XA FL 4000 spinning reel are both strong enough to stand up the tough fish, as well as light enough to prevent angler fatigue. The infinite anti-reverse system packed with Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear has made this reel a Jack of many trades. With sufficient smoothness for a 4 ball bearing reel, this reel can handle most fishing conditions smoothly.

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    • Interchangeable handle.
    • Reasonable weight.


    • The drag knob is not as soft as expected.

    5: Pioneer Argonaut AT 5000- AT 6000 Spinning Reel:

    The Pioneer Argonaut AT series reels are loved by light tackle anglers. They are a classic reel that gets the job done without costing you much. Yes, this reel does not have some top notch features, but with the black Anodized Aluminium Spool, interchangeable Die- Casting Handle and Micro-Sensitive Multi-Disc Drag System, this reel has some very nice features, a great feel, and a reasonable price-point. 

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    • Great longevity for the price-point.
    • Anti-reverse switch.


    • Not quite as light nor as smooth as higher-cost reels in the line.

    The right spinning reel for your rod is one that offers a good construction with ample features and a smooth performance. The features like ball bearings and drag weight of a reel need to be carefully reviewed before buying a reel. But remember things like the weight of the reel and anti-reverse system will just depend on the angler’s preference, that is to say some may like a weighted reel on their stick, some wouldn’t, some like an anti-reverse system, some wouldn’t.

    And if you are already past all this technicality, then what’s the wait, go and grab yourself some reels.


    Happy Fishing!

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