Shimano Cruzar 6.6Ft-10Ft Fishing Rods

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Shimano cruzar

It good it can pull 7kg fish without tension


Shimano Cruzar 6.6Ft-10Ft Fishing Rods

The new Shimano Cruzar Series was designed for the most diverse fishing situations, both for the amateur or professional fisherman.
Indicated for fishing in rivers, fishing grounds, lakes and dams, the rod has an excellent finish with Shimano quality, besides counting on its Fuji dowels.
Made in two parts for easy transport, blanking on Fiber glass and cable in high-density EVA, this is an excellent cost x benefit of the consecrated Shimano.
Its cable is long, which facilitates the footprint in the long pitches that require strength. A line of sticks entry more into account, but nevertheless the Cruzar sticks are developed to the high standard of quality Shimano, and it was projected for diverse types of fishery, from throw of baits for the fishing of the Tucunares to fishing in fisheries, fisheries of Piapara, Traíras, Matrinxãs among other types of fishing. It is a product intended for those fishermen who are setting up their equipment at a great cost.
The Blank or Rod Body is developed with the Fiber glass concept, an durable composite of high durability. It also has reinforced aluminum oxide liners and also has a beautiful, very sticky EVA cable that helps in the fishing of main pitches. In addition, its Reel Seat or Pegador is produced in graphite and provides great sensitivity during fishing.

  • Cable material: High-density EVA
  • Application: Windlasses
  • Blank material: Fiber glass (Hollow)
  • Type: FUJI


Model Length Pieces Lure Wt (g)  Action Power Line Wt. Weight
CRZAXFGG2662 6'6" 2 7-28 Fast Medium 10-20lb Approx.160gr
CRZAXFGB2702 7'0" 2 7-28 Medium Medium-Heavy 10-20lb Approx.250gr
CRZAXFGB2802 8'0" 2 7-35 Medium Medium-Heavy 12-25lb Approx.273gr
CRZAXFGB2902 9'0" 2 7-35 Medium Medium-Heavy 12-25lb Approx.375gr
CRZAXFGGR21002 10'0" 2 7-35 Medium Medium-Heavy 12-25LB Approx.430gr