Rapala Xrap Countdown Hard Lure | Size: 7cm | 10g | XRCD07

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Color: Firetiger UV
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Now anglers can fish the Xtreme Attitude of the X-Rap® at any depth consistently. Rapala introduced the effective "CountDown®" method back in the 60s. Since its introduction, the technique has enabled fishermen to consistently reach suspended fish at any depth. The X-Rap CountDown models swim with a strong rolling action on the retrieve and flutter on the pause. Flat sides create a hard flash. Uniform construction processes ensure consistent sink rate for repeatable depth presentation.

  • Construction - X-Style Translucent Body, 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Features - Consistent Depth Control Sinks 1-Foot Per Second
  • Swim Action - Strong Rolling Action & Flutter on Drop
  • Targeted Species - Multi-Species Freshwater Gamefish
  • Terminal Tackle - VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
  • Fishing Technique - Casting and Trolling
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested


    Model No. Length Weight Swimming Depth
    XRCD07 7cm  10g  3'-5'

    Customer Reviews

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    One lure that rules all(Fresh water)

    Count down is that lure that is made to fish most of the river in different water condition in various depth.This is the lure you must have it in your arsenal.
    I wish there was a rattle version of it as well with all the the same features it has.
    It’s slightly different then the orisional count down
    It has a more erratic action that creates more vibration in the water than the orisional one.
    Being 10 gm and compact body design it’s casts like a bullet .

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