CORAL Salt Water Sabiki Hooks

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CORAL Salt Water Fishing Hooks

Sabiki is a Japanese word for a fishing method in which a saltwater rig is jigged vertically in the water making it easier to catch bait fish. Experienced saltwater anglers use Sabiki rig in deep waters to ensure they spend more time fishing for mackerel and herring, and less time for baitfish. with a 30 lb mainline. These multi-hook jigging rigs are used for catching mackerel, small jacks (caballitos), herring, smelt and other small baitfish. Our Saibki Rigs vary in length depending on a number of hooks, Snap swivel, and barrel swivel attach at two ends of a rig. Each rig has 3-6 hooks, plus varying strengths (lb.- test) of the main line and branch lines.


Hooks: 3

Size: 1, 1/0, 2, 2/0