Scum Frog Launch Series | 20g | 1pcs/pkt | 7cm

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An amazing product

Beautifully made product. Good quality material. Extra soft plastic. Didn't have any issues with hookups. The action on the frog is really good. The tail is a bit on the longer side. Trimming it will give u a bit more hook-up chances.

Good product

I am using scum frog since last week, like the action and frog is very smooth. I got good result as well

Scum frog 🐸

The strong and sharp hooks and soft rubber makes every bite much harder to escape... Simply superbbb...

Best results

I am going on first time best results


Awasom scum frog and jumbo frog I get it my parcel today ... very good products and excellent delivery... thanks Cabral outdoor.......


Scum Frog Launch Series | 20g | 1pcs/pkt | 7cm

Do you guys fish on the weekend? Life is too short for that. After being crafted from 100s of hours of on-the-water product testing and refinement, this all-new, ultra-long casting Launch Frog is every fisherman's prayer as it comes with the new pinnacle of technical design and gives a splendid performance in a top water frog. 

The secret of Launch Frog’s performance is it's unique tungsten “parasite” weight system adding weight without bulk to the hook shank. So, to fish or not to fish? What a stupid question.

Compared to other baits, this bait gives you maximum distance in a top water frog while premium Owner hooks and high compression body deliver the highest hook-up rate possible in a hollow body frog and also delivers a super-soft high compression wide body design wrapped around a premium 5/0 Owner RED double frog hook basically for maximum water displacement and buoyancy. Oh yes, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

Taking advantage of the famous Scum Frog brass button rear-weight this bait maintains a nose-up frog profile critical to frog performance. Every Launch Frog is finished in a 40-strand premium silicone skirt. So be ready to bait the bigger fish.


  • Manufactured at American Baitworks in Mississippi, USA
  • Heaviest frog in the Scum Frog line up (weighs in between 5/8oz and 3/4oz)
  • Larger body for increased buoyancy 
  • Brass button-style tail weight
  • Internal tungsten weight system
  • Premium 5/0 Owner “RED” double frog hook
  • 40 strand premium silicone skirt 
  • Comes in eight digitally printed realistic colors
  • Made of domestic and imported contents
  • The Product length is excluding the skirt

About the Parasite Tungsten Weight System:

Scum Frog’s proprietary weight system was developed specifically for the company’s Launch Frog. The parasite system is a tungsten weight with integrated locking tabs that enables the weight to be attached securely onto the shank of the Owner hook to ensure proper weight distribution and consistent performance with every frog we build in our Mississippi-based manufacturing facility.