Noeby SW5019S Soft lure 13cm/20g, 4pcs/pkt

Rs. 340.00

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Model Number Length Weight Quantity/Pack Depth
SW5019S 13cm  20g 4 -


Brand Name: NOEBY

Category: Fake Lure

Type: Artificial Bait

Position: Lake, Reservoir Pond, River, Stream

Category: Soft Lure, fake lure, Artificial Lure

Type: Fish Bait

Material: Silicone

Shape: Single-Tails


  • Used in salt and fresh water.
  • Using high-grade environmental material, T-shape screw body own great softness.
  • The stable and perfect action is attractive to the fish.
  • Unique recipe fish agent is added to the fish body.
  • It can attract more fish with the increasing taste sense.
  • Reflector pieces in the body are more attractive to fish.