Noeby NBL S3101 Soft lure 8.75cm | 0.6g-5g

Rs. 240.00

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Model No. Length Weight  Quantity/pack
NBL S3101 8.75cm 5g 5
NBL S3101 4.5cm 0.6g 8


Brand Name: NOEBY

Position: River, Stream, Reservoir pond, Beach fishing, Lake, Sea boating fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing

Type:  Artificial primer

Category: Bait

Product Name: WobblerIs

Material: PVC Plastic

Smell: Shrimp Fragrance


  • The high-frequency vibration of the T-tail when being dragged, deduct run-away status, awaken aggressiveness of big fish.
  • The body present microgroove screw appearance, more realistic.
  • A Unique fragrance is very attractive. Unique fish recipe agent is added to the body of fish. It can attract more fish with the growing taste.