Mega Frox Gaint Toad 6cm | 20g | 1pcs/pck

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Mega Frox Gaint Toad 6cm | 20g | 1pcs/pck


MegaFrox lures are inspired and designed based on the actual species. Each lure is 100% handcrafted and painted by our skilled artists. Where no one lure will ever be identical to one another.

A tough & non-toxic resin-based lure body combined with internal rattling, a strong stainless steel through-wire, also equipped with an extremely sharp hook and weed guard makes every single lure a perfect fish-catching tool.


Giant toad also known as Cane toad or Marine toad is the largest of the frogs and toads found in the U.S. The giant toad is not native to the United States.

Giant Toads are a highly predacious exotic species that will eat all types of native frogs and toads. This species is skilled at locating all types of food, they have even been known to eat pet food.

We’re inspired by Giant Toad as it has a beautiful body textual and excellent weight which make Giant toad lures a perfectly long and accurate casting lures.

Giant Toad lures are 6 cm in length, weighing 18.5 g. and equipped with an internal rattling chamber, premium strong double hook, high-quality skirts, and an adjustable weed guard.

The action produced by Giant toad is totally opposite with its name, giant toad lures actually produce subtle topwater action which is suitable to be used where the fishing pressure is high or in the overfishing environment.

Giant Toad Lures are carefully painted so the appearance can be close to the actual giant toad species.

Recommended Action:

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady retrieves with a pause.

- Steady retrieve with jerk/pop.

- Twitch with a pause.

- Fast retrieve with twitch.

Product Features: Vividly Hand-Painted, Super Sharp Hooks, Internal rattling chamber, Premium strong double hook, High-quality skirts, and an Adjustable weed guard.

Product Weight: 20g (Because each lure is Handmade and Hand-Painted, appearance and weights may vary slightly from lure to lure.)

Product Length: 6cm/60mm

Hook Size: 3/0

Weight with packaging: 33g