MajorCraft Zoner S Crank 55 Hard Crankbait ZC55S-R | 12g

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MajorCraft Zoner S Crank 55 Hard Crankbait ZC55S-R | 12g

Description :
Most discerning predators can be fooled with this Major Craft Zoner Crankbait as it offers a premium design, erratic action, and lifelike detailing. Built with a wide-body and a round lip, this crankbait delivers a wild hunting action that perfectly replicates the movements of a scurrying crawfish.
The Major Craft Zoner Crankbait features a series of high-pitch rattles on the inside built to stimulate the feeding response of any nearby predators. The Crankbait is crafted and covered with a high-level of detail, such as a premium finish, textured gill plate contours, and 3-D eyes. Backed by two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Major Craft Zoner Crankbait delivers top-of-the-line performance that will put your culling system to the test.
The Zoner can mimick a panicking baitfish by rolling violently from side to side on a straight retreive. The rolling action highlights the life-like finish on the back,side and belly. The Zoner will attract fish automatically.

Specifications :

 Lure Length
Lure Weight Type Action Dept(m)
55mm 12g Floating


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rupesh Rane
Nice action

Best in shallow water.n rocky structures

Tight Lines
Good lure.

Only thing I had to do is change the hooks. A size smaller did the job.

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