MajorCraft Dangan x8 Braided Fishing Line | 200m-300m

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Size: 0.13mm (20lb)-multicolor
Length: 200m
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MajorCraft Dangan x8 Braided Fishing Line

Braid revolutionized the fishing market delivering more sensitivity and improved casting distance for multiple fishing styles.

It is generally available in both 4 and 8 strand braided lines and Majorcraft has both. As the name implies, 4 and 8 refer to the number of microfilaments weaved together. The difference is in the end product with 8 strands being smoother and rounder. This is because the fibers are woven differently to 4 strands and the bundles are smaller with more of an even circumference along the length of the line or weave. It produces a supple, smooth line that is less likely to sing through the guides. 8 strand is generally more expensive to produce. 4 strand is regarded as robust and less supple but better able to deal with the demands of offshore bait fishing for instance. It is also cost-effective for a wide range of activities.

The new series covers general angling and squid fishing with the line available in both 4 and 8 strands offering a top quality line in two options. The Dangan Braid’s original yarn is a super strong, polyethylene fiber made by Tobyo which is custom twisted in a Japanese factory to develop a braid with a lower stretch, higher sensitivity.

The Dangan comes in a range of strengths and is user-friendly for beginners as well as having the performance needed for lure casting anglers.

Both variants have a super smooth, slippery surface coating that reduces friction on guides and the reel, which increases casting distance and enables better line lay.

MC Dangan offshore and an inshore line is multi-colored in ten-meter increments making it suitable as not only a casting line but a jigging option too. It is available in 150m and 300m spools from 12 to 50lb.

Low Stretch and High Sensitivity

Size Length Weight Color
#1 || 0.13mm 200m 20lb || 8.4kg Green, Multicolor
#2 || 0.20mm  300m 35lb || 16.0kg Multicolor
#2.5 || 0.22mm 300m 40lb || 19.5kg Multicolor
#3 || 0.23mm 300m 50lb || 22.2kg Multicolor
#3 || 0.23mm 200m 50lb || 22.2kg Multicolor

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Linley Rebello
Best braid I have ever used - MajorCraft Dangan x8 Braided Fishing Line

This braid is amazing , I have caught a 3 kg snapper 2 days after receiving it, using this braid on my Penn fierce II 5000 series and i was able to fight the fish with ease as compared to the other braid lines i have used in the past i was a little tensed since i had not used this braid before but now I am very confident in its strength, please refrain from purchasing the cheap braid lines on Amazon or Flipkart , they may be cheap but you will loose your fish, they will just snap as they are very weak as compared to this Marjorcraft or other good brands suffix etc and you will lose that big fish , if you want to go for a cheaper braid then you can go for the lucana nano braid which is available on Cabral outdoors it is strong but it will not stick to the spool like this one, so you have to get used to it.

Rony Aloysius
Top quality braid

Super strong

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