Agwetor Feeder Coil Bottom 30G

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Being completely re-modified with new technical balancing and measurement, these Bottom Feeders can be used to catch not one fish, but many!! 


The Feeder is with fine coated black mat finishing
100% handmade

Agwetor Agwe Feeder (Coil Float) FW 100003

This Agwetor Agwe Feeder (Coil Float) FW 100003 is nose heavy aerodynamically streamline construction with offset weight. It prevent the rolling and thus keeps it in the ground baited area even in windy conditions. The deep seat swivel lock, in case you are using a short pop up rig to target filter feeders like Catla or Silver carp, guarantees your hook bait hovering within the cloud created by your feeder bait and increases the hook up percentage many times.

Agwetor Agwe Feeder (Coil Bottom) FW 100004

  • Aerodynamically Stable.
  • Excellent Bait Holding Coil.
  • Long and Accurate Cast.
  • Proper hook hold
  • Offset Weight preventing it from rolling.
  • Immediate release during the initial run.
  • Best suited for filter feeders like Catla & silver Carp.

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